Project Description

Off the dock or waterfront, there is swimming, lounge furniture, water toys, and a boathouse that has a fridge, storage space, safety equipment, accessories, and water crafts for your use.


Our aluminium canoe is workhorse, albeit a heavy one.  It is a 16 foot canoe and holds two or three people.

Even if you have never tried this quintessential Canadian art form, it is easy to learn. Here’s a quick guide from the CBC, and a more detailed illustration of basic strokes is found here.


While the canoe is easier to handle with two people in it, the shorter kayak is a great way to explore the lake on your own. The kayak is 12 foot long and it’s a one-seater.

Early morning is the best time to explore the shoreline. The hardest part about the kayak is getting in and out – you can learn how, here.

There are two available kayaks, so explore together!

Paddle Boat

The paddleboat is a nod to ‘old-school’ lounging on the water. Minimal exercise will keep you afloat and heading roughly in the right direction.
It’s built for two adults and a small child or two. For safety, stay close to the shore.


Known as the “Legend”, it is a wide-body fishing boat, with a 4 stroke, 9.9 hp Honda engine. It is located outside, on the side of the boathouse.

Boating Tips:

  • To get the boat started, you will likely need to squeeze the bulb on the gas line
  • Note that ALL operators of motorized watercrafts require a Pleasure Craft Operator Card – Boating License, so please plan ahead

Safety Equipment and Boating Accessories

In the boathouse, there are life jackets, paddles, a swimbuddy, a fridge, and storage space.

Safety Tips:

  • Always wear a life jacket on any type of water craft
  • Review the guides linked above to the respective water craft of your interest prior to first use
  • Ensure you have the required licence for boating and/or fishing


You can fish off the dock using the canoe or the boat. You will need to bring your own fishing rods and gear.

Fishing licences are needed at all times.


The dock offers privacy in a picturesque Muskoka setting and the perfect spot to watch children play in the shallow water with a sandy bottom. Lake Joseph is the cleanest and most pristine of the three big Muskoka lakes.

Swimming Tips:

  • For deep water entry: use the ladder off the end of the dock
  • For shallow entry: it is best to enter the water on the flat rock at the far end of the dock
  • The rocks are often slippery so wearing water shoes is highly recommended; the rock quickly turns to hard-packed sand so this is a good spot for children
  • It is also recommended to always swim with a buddy – there is a swimbuddy in the boathouse for your use

Staying close to the shore with the swimbuddy will mean more visibility and more safety. If you wish to try a longer swim, make sure that you are accompanied by someone in a watercraft.

Water Toys

The eye-catching blue and yellow water trampoline is a fun toy for children and young adults. It is sturdy and has a cushy top, but please make sure everyone is closely supervised while they are using it.

We also have a floating Lily Pad.